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Planning Your Vintage Wedding; Dressing the Groom
Written by Amanda Porter   

Vintage Wedding; Dressing the GroomAt first glance, it is easy to overlook the many subtleties of men's formalwear. It wasn't until the 30s that the tuxedo made its way into acceptable wedding attire—and even then, it was very avant-garde.

Moving Pictures - A Look at Classic Cameras
Written by Michael S. Goldfarb   

Classic CamerasIn today's headlong rush into the future, people tend to leave behind great older technologies that worked beautifully for decades. The great cameras of fifty, thirty, and even just twenty years ago are sitting forgotten in closets, or turning up for a pittance at garage sales. Still, many of these old classics are capable of wonderful results—better than ever.

Marlon Brando – The Insatiable One
Written by Athan Maroulis   
Marlon BrandoBorn on April 3, 1924 in Omaha, Nebraska to a cruel, indifferent father and a caring but tragically alcoholic mother, one can see that even at his beginning, Brando had a wide array of emotions from which to draw. Marlon was in trouble from the onset.
Modern Retro Housewives; Take this job and love it!
Written by Ami Thomas   

 Modern Retro HousewivesThe year is not 1944, or even 1954...it's 2004, and the modern retro housewife is keeping house like Grandma did.

Living Gentlemanly; Tails, You Win — part 4 of 4
Written by Joe DiPietro   

Living GentlemanlyAs formal season approaches, we end this primer on the pinnacle of gentlemanly attire. By now you should have most of the accoutrements of gentility, and these last few details will finish the job admirably.

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