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Living Gentlemanly; Tails, You Win — part 3 of 4
Written by Joe DiPietro   

Living GentlemanlyWe're going beyond the nines and putting together that most regal of formal attire, white tie & tails. By now you've had a chance to get the basics, so without further dalliance, it's time to accessorize.

Planning Your Vintage Wedding; Dressing the Bridesmaids
Written by Amanda Porter   

Dressing the BridesmaidsSo you've embarked on your quest for the perfect bridal gown and turned up something lovely and even better than you imagined. Your next thought turns to your bridesmaids—surely they must have something equally as stunning! Now, you think to yourself, where should I turn next?

I Get a Kick Out of Cole
Written by Mark Benefield   

Cole Porter is De-LovelyWith De-Lovely—Irwin Winkler's new take on the life, times and tunes of this celebrated songsmith—opening this month, we here at Port Halcyon thought we'd get comfortable, loosen our bowtie, kick off our dress shoes and recline here on the Persian carpet with a well-made old-fashioned and reminisce about some of our favorite Cole Porter moments on the silver screen.

Fred and....Adele?
Written by Eileen Forster Keck   
Fred and Adele AstaireIf you're a real fan of Fred Astaire (or perhaps only of crossword puzzles) you'll know the name of Fred's first partner. His sister Adele, whom he called Delly, was considered to be the more talented of the two siblings.
Planning Your Vintage Wedding; Dressing the Bride
Written by Amanda Porter   

Planning Your Vintage WeddingOnce upon a time, a love story went something like this: Boy meets girl, the two fall in love, and then the pair marry just as simply as they come. Nowadays, the mere process of meeting the right fella is enough to wear a girl out.

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