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Johnnie Ray; Why I Cry for the Legend Who Should Have Been
Written by Barrett "Buddy-Rey" Reynolds   

Johnnie RayHe enjoyed a steady string of Top Ten hits lasting almost a decade. He influenced Elvis, and infuriated Sinatra. He broke through more racial and musical barriers than any performer since Al Jolson. So why is it that a mere fifty years after his dramatic explosion onto the pop music charts, the name Johnnie Ray evokes blank stares and questioning glances?

Living Gentlemanly; Tails, You Win — part 2 of 4
Written by Joe DiPietro   

Living GentlemanlyWelcome back for the second of four parts on the undisputed monarch of all things sartorial—top hat, white tie, and tails.

A Gala for 1936; The Redford Theatre, Detroit MI
Written by Eileen Forster Keck   

A Gala for 1936The Redford Theatre, built in 1928, is one of several Art Deco movie palaces in the metro Detroit area. As most of us have, she's undergone quite a few renovations, and some of them weren't such a good idea. With that in mind, the dedicated group who adopted this place in the 1960s continues to bring her back to life.

Saving Jazz
Written by Randall Keith   

Saving JazzThroughout the early part of his career, Jazz was the heavyweight champ, knockin' everyone out cold. When he got a little older, he may have lost the title to Rock & Roll, but he was still a major contender and had plenty of moves.

No Regrets: An Interview with Wayne Hancock
Written by Erin Leis   

Wayne HancockErin Leis catches up with Wayne during a brief break in touring to discuss his album Swing Time and to talk more about the driving forces behind his career.

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