Reviews 2011
The Blueflowers - In Line With the Broken-Hearted
Written by Will “The Thrill” Viharo   


Sometimes you feel so blue you just want to wallow in the morass of your own morose melancholia rather than drown your sorrows in a cocktail lounge or private booze binge. Other times you want to do both. In any case, I’ve got the perfect jukebox/home stereo/iPod soundtrack to your self-pity: Detroit band The Blueflowers. If you’re not feeling heartbroken or hopeless already, the gently rocking, seductively soothing sounds of this very talented folk-noir group will make you wish you were.

‘Thor’: Thunderstruck
Written by Will "The Thrill" Viharo   

Thor the MovieNormally I choose to review films and profile people from the cinematic fringe, and the latest big budget blockbuster from the super movie machine of Marvel doesn’t need my two cents to bump their profit margin or boost their rep. But as someone who grew up with Marvel (and DC) comic books, I have to add my teeny tiny voice to the booming chorus of kudos deservedly heaped upon the recent string of successful superhero adaptations, and the Mighty Thor—whose former screen incarnations include a 1960s cartoon series and a guest stint on an Incredible Hulk TV movie in 1988—is certainly no exception.

Jimmy Vargas - Torchin' At Tallulah's
Written by Will "The Thrill" Viharo   

Jimmy Vargas - Torchin' At Tallulah'sNoir renaissance man Jimmy Vargas has answered the question, “how do you do market retro-fetishism in the 21st Century?” with this moody multi-media disc replete with “votos,” vignettes (filmed and spoken), and vixens, erotically and elegantly embodied by glamour goddess Natassia Minx.

The Green Hornet: Swatting An Empty Nest
Written by Will "The Thrill" Viharo   

Seth Rogan's 'The Green Hornet'If you go see the new big screen version of The Green Hornet expecting a “Seth Rogen comedy,” you may have a reasonably entertaining if not particularly special experience. Expect anything else—like, say, a “Green Hornet” movie, and you will probably be seriously disappointed.

The Athletic Benchley: 105 Exercises from the Detroit Athletic Club News
Written by Ami Thomas   

The Athletic Robert C. BenchleyThe Athletic Benchley is a complete collection of the articles written for the DAC, as it was known, by humorist Robert Benchley during the 1920s and 1930s. For Benchley fans, this is Bob at his best.

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